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Our Approach

Yeakin recognizes that, in addition to the manufacturing and support processes required to build good quality, safe and eco-friendly products, we are committed to meet customer requirements for applicable regulatory and sustainability requirement on time at utmost value through enthused.

We employ a management system approach to:

  • Compliance with quality, environmental, health, and safety requirements.
  • Continuous improvement by keeping abreast of technology, development and regulatory changes.
  • Wastes prevention and environmental impacts that emphasizes source management, reduction, reuse, and recycling.
  • Prevent accidents and infringement of security requirements.
  • Social responsible towards our employee, ethical and law-abiding.
  • Comply towards regulatory requirements and business conduct concerning human rights, employee and employment, ethical behavior from our employees.
  • Our conduct goes beyond any obligation to include help support a challenging, productive and enjoyable work culture.