In these days many mould-making companies have shifted their operations to countries with lower labour cost, and hence the mould designers, machinists and other related units in these countries may lack of facilities in their engineering education system, lesser experienced and moreover the suppliers in these countries may also incompetence in-terms of providing spare-parts or components. While our mould design and fabrication are done directly in headquarters covered by well-trained and experienced tool-makers or those related, to ensure high standard in precision and dimension accuracy. The mould-making process equipped with sophisticated machine like:

EDM Process

  • Sodick AG60L (LN2)
  • Sodick AD35L (LN2)
  • Sodick AQ35L (LN1)

Hi-Speed CNC Process

  • Makino F3
  • Makino S33
  • YCM FV85A

Wire-Cutting Process

  • Sodick SLN600G
  • Sodick VZ300L (LN2W)